Candy Coated Plaid

Exciting reviews are coming up at Nailed It! I've got polishes, embellishments, new brands, contests, and kits coming down the pipeline, so any chance I can get to squeeze in a 1-hour nail art post to share is clutch in my book. I also bought a new video camera that I'll be using to create some videos with to share tutorials!

A simple plaid look is tonight's. The base is Candy Coated (Sinful Colors) and the stripes were done freehand with a black striping polish from Color Madric. I love straight lines, especially those done with a striping polish. It really couldn't get much easier and simple.

But like I said...the simplicity will be short lived, and the excitement is just beginning!


  1. did you say freehand? OMG! Those lines are perfect - wish I had your steady hand!! love it :)

  2. This is AMAZING! How can you draw such thin lines? I'm loving this so much, i'm actually going to try it for tomorrow's mani!!! :)) Love, Love, Love! <3

    1. You definitely should! Share it with me, I'd love to see the results.

      As for achieving the thin lines, it's all about the striping polish. The brush is thin, and you just wipe off enough of the polish to get the width of the brush to equal the width of the lines you'd like, then just paint a smooth stripe over your nail. The vertical lines are easier.

  3. I'm new to ur blog....LOVE IT! However, you my friendhave made me nail polish crazy n I'm going broke!!!! I LOVE all ur skittle nails soooo much! Kudos...u rule!

  4. I love this look and can't get over how perfect your freehand lines are!

  5. I love plaid designs! This plade is perfect! :-)

  6. I love the design! Simple and chic!


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