Blood Red Bandana

A little Southern exposure for you tonight, with some bandanas!

They're not bloody or sweaty, but I was sweating to create the tiny lines, and the blood red is the lovely Snap Happy (Essie). The details were done with Alpine Snow and Black Onyx (OPI).

I had a bandana phase for a little while in elementary school. Unfortunately, living in Southern California, there were some bandana colors we weren't allowed to wear because of their affiliations with gangs. I wish I'd known about nail art back then, because this would've been an awesome way around that rule.

So if you're looking for a little Southern flair, but you're afraid of your school's dress code, try it on your nails. I bet they won't notice.


  1. This is an amazing design! How do you come up with really cool designs?

  2. This is really unique and came out great!

  3. Love this site!! Just bought my first set of stamping plates from Wistonia using the coupon. Was hoping you could do a list of must-have polishes/ colors. I've also been searching for a really good Matryoshka doll nail art tutorial.


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