Lace Tutorial for

Lace isn't just for your grandmother's coffee table anymore, and it's certainly not restricted to special occasion outfits like the upcoming Easter best dresses ladies will soon be dawning.

Lovely lace adds instant femininity to any outfit, and depending on the color, can really spice something up to be sexy as well.

I wanted to bring the black and white embellishment on these lace trimmed matador pants onto my nails with today's tutorial.

You can read more about the look and what I think of it at the blog here.


  1. So simple and beautiful! A great tutorial :D

  2. this is soo strange i was going to do some nail art just like this for my own blog today when i stumbled across this! great minds think alike eh?It looks super fab and i love what you do!

  3. Great tutorial, beautiful lace manicure! :-)


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