Bow Tutorial for

I've been working with recently to create some awesome, fashion-inspired tutorials for you all to enjoy. There's more on the way too, so get your nail art brushes ready for some easy and adorable tutorials.

Our first collaboration is this fun bow tutorial, inspired by this adorable dress from

You can read about the tutorial's inspiration over at here!

Here's the tutorial:


  1. awww, these are way too cute! :)(keep imagining it in pink, haha) and the tutorial is a nice touch to it - THANK YOU! **

  2. Love it! I pinned this to use in the future so I can have adorable fingers, haha.

  3. Love this design! I love your tutorials!! Not only are they helpful and explained simply, but they are designed beautifully! Can't wait to see more of these tutorials with Lulu's =D

  4. The bow nails are so cute, I love that they're inspired by a dress. Thanks for the tute, I will give this a go ;)

  5. Haw you drawn your blogs logo? Where have you done it?


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