Zippy Boyfriend Valentine

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I had this manicure on all day yesterday, but never the chance to edit and upload the pictures. Apologies for that, but maybe you can use this next year as inspiration.

The dripping heart and french tips were done using an awesome color from Zoya, Zippy. The base is My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this yesterday, so again, apologies for the late post. I'm also sorry for the empty week of posts. I've been busy with some wonderful nail art related business I hope to be able to share with you soon. Keep an eye on Pinterest and my other social media sites for some clues! ;)

(Apologies for the sad pinky as well. Sadly, what nails break in Vegas, stay in Vegas.)


  1. this is so cute; i love it!

  2. Love the colours! And the design is so mega cute! :))

  3. Oi flor vim te convidar para participar do sorteio que está rolando lá no blog.
    Passa lá você vai gostar.
    (⁀‵⁀) ∞ ღ ∞

  4. Cute, the bright colour really pops!

  5. The colour really stands out. I like how the design is simple and cute.

  6. Love this nail design, especially the dripping heart. It's perfect for Valentine's Day! Please like our Facebook page and share your original nail art with our huge manicure-loving community! We also help our fans get their original manicures in magazines and online beauty publications, and you have the talent to be featured often! :)

    Thanks for the fantastic blog! We love your manis!

    -Custom Nail Solutions


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