Color Secrets Professional Review and Swatches

I've got two simple swatches and a rad nail art design for you today.

JB Cosmetics has introduced a new line of lacquer and appliques called Color Secrets Pro. Today I'll be showing you two of the colors from their lacquer line, but you can see all the other colors and the appliques at their website here.

The two colors sent to me were The Palm Beach Story and The Endless Summer. I wanted to incorporate both colors into the nail art design, but with the green and red, I had to large patterns that would inevitably lean towards Christmas. I decided to do a simple and feminine floral rose design to use both colors.

I used Jacqueline (Zoya) as a base, and then just mixed The Endless Summer with a white (Purity from Zoya) to get the mixed pink for the roses. The petals were done with The Palm Beach Story (which is the darker green) and Sea Breeze (Avon).

Now let's talk about the colors on their own.

The first color is called The Palm Beach Story. I liked this dark mossy teal, leaning slightly more on the green than blue side. I used three thin coats for my swatch, but you can use two if you'd prefer. It works well for nail art as well as you can see from the fun rose design inspired by the two colors.

My skin looks a little strange because I was trying to color-correct to get the polish to be an accurate color.

The Endless Summer is a rich coral red. When it dries, it appears somewhat matte. Again, I used three coats, but two are very realistic. This color really pops on your nails!

Color Secrets Pro colors retail for a great price, at just $2.99 per bottle. They're all Big 3-Free (DBP, toulene and formaldehyde free).

If you're interested in their appliques, which all appear to be 3D with rhinestones and glitter, those go for $5.99 each.

I'm not sure if these are sold in stores anywhere, but you can order directly from their website.

These products were sent to me by JB Cosmetics. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. i love the painted rose look. so spring/summer

  2. this is so great! colors are bright and vivid :) love it!

  3. These colours are so vibrant and pretty, and I *love* your beautiful floral design!

  4. The roses are so gorgeous!! Nicely done!!!

  5. Really pretty - interesting that you have the same problem with taking pictures of teal colours - my camera just seems to change them all to a bright blue colour - so frustrating!!! :)

  6. I love when new, cheap brands are released! Pretty swatches and your roses are so cute. I hope they send you more polishes (all of them?) to be reviewed because the images on their website are nowhere near true to life. Bummer.


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