Velvet Flocking Powder from Born Pretty Store Review

After seeing how much fun Candice at Mr. Candiipants was having with her flocking powder here, I decided I'd give it a shot. I completely agree with her on it's amazing!

Born Pretty Store sent me a pot of the dark blue velvet flocking powder, which comes with a handy pair of mini tongs and a soft brush.

The mini tongs are used to pick up a small amount of flocking powder so you can douse your nails with it all.

The brush is to remove the excess fluff that will inevitably get all over your finger.

Here's what you do.

First, paint your nails with a base color similar to the color of the powder. This will hide any bald spots you might get (though the powder will stick to any wet polish, so bald spots are usually user error, not flocking flubs). I chose to paint the base of my wholly-velvet nails with Man Hunt from China Glaze. It matched the most of any polish in my collection.

Next, clean up your cuticles. I highly recommend doing this first, so you don't have polish on your cuticles while you also have the powder on your nails. Trying to clean up wet powder isn't fun, but dry powder will blow right off.

Now, unscrew the caps to your velvet pot, as well as your top coat. I just used Seche Vite, and even though it's fast-drying, I had no problems with it.

Before you start flinging powder everywhere, you should also grab a piece of scrap paper and fold it, hamburger style. This will give you a nice, pre-made funnel to dispose of the loose powder with. You'll simply fold up the paper along its crease, and all the loose powder will fall right into your pot again to be used later. Simple.

Ok, now that everything has been set up, it's time to start flocking. No, don't run around and gather your friends to go galavanting through the streets together honking like geese. It's time to start flocking, not flocking.

Paint a layer of top coat onto one nail. Make sure your hand is over your paper funnel you created.

Then, use your mini tongs to grab a 'tongful' of powder, and just drop it over your wet top coat. Some will stick, lots will fall off, and you'll likely not cover your entire nail. So grab another tongful and do it again, all while the top coat is still wet. Keep dropping some on until it looks covered.
Now, use the flat side of the mini tongs to pat down the powder. The design of the tongs is bent intentionally to allow the patting down to be easier. Press hard, and press all over your nail. Get the edges, near your cuticles, and the tips.

Removing the excess flocking powder can be done in a few ways. First, you can blow, but you'll not only lose some powder you could recycle, but you may also just wind up with a blue cat that's supposed to be white. Instead, I suggest tapping your finger against your paper, which removes quite a good amount. Then, try tapping your tongs against your finger. Finally, you will use the provided brush to sweep away excess texture. You don't have to wait any time at all for the polish underneath the powder to dry. If it's tapped down hard enough, it'll stick, and you'll be amazed at how easy your cleanup is.

Some powder ends up all along the sides and cuticles of your nails. When this happens with polish, I use my trusty angled paintbrush dipped in acetone to remove the polish. With flocking powder, you don't need any acetone. Simply grab your dry brush and use it to get into hard to reach places. It's like using a duster instead of a vacuum.

Repeat this on your other nails, and you're done! It's remarkably simple.

The results are a blast. If you're trying to stop smoking or need to preoccupy your hands during the day for some other reason, try this stuff. You'll be petting your nails all day.

I also tried a little stress test on the powder. Washing your hands is an inevitable part of your day. I ran the powder under water, and even washed my hands as I normally would with soap, and the resiliency of the powder is impressive. I can truly hardly notice a difference on my dry hand and my wet hand. That was an unexpected bonus!

So do I recommend this flocking powder? 100% yes! I love the effect, and it's really easy to do. Makes the manicure look expensive too huh?

You can pick up the blue color I showed you at Born Pretty Store here, but there's a few other colors as well! I'll be getting the red one for sure! If you just want the kit I showed here, they run at about $8. If you want to bundle the kit with an accompanying nail polish, the price goes up to $19. You can also just get the powder (without the brush and tongs), for $5.80. All of these can be reduced further by 10% by using my coupon code, C10X31.

These products were sent to me by Born Pretty Store. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. these nails loos so cute and..cosy :) I love the effect: You've got beautifully shaped nails!

  2. It looks so lush! and the colour is amazing

  3. This is so cool!!! Great colors, and I love your design!!

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  5. ah these are so cool and cute! love the little shapes too!!

  6. I laughed at the white cat part! This still looks very interesting to me, I really should try this!

  7. Very creative! I love the effect! :-)

  8. Yup, I am officially sold on this. Also, I loved every second of this post. Too funny!

  9. yes! these look so cute- glad to see some others doing patterns with the powder too. love the design you chose!

  10. So cute!! I also did these a while ago although I only wore them for a couple of days. :))


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