Nail Candy Review and Swatches

Can you believe it's almost the end of January already? This year just started! Where is the time going?!

Next month is a lovely month,  and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I've seen a few Valentine's manicures already, and today I've got another, as well as a review of some new tools you may enjoy.

Nail Candy polishes are new to me. They combine a normal polish brush and a tiny nail art pen into one tool, with two different colors. That's a lot huh? Let me help you understand with some pictures.

Each pen comes with two colors, and the set I'm showing you today is called Love Letter. letters...get it?

Each color has the capability of a brush, and the capability of a nail art pen. You can pull apart each pen at its base to get a solid base to stand your pen on.

Though this definitely helps keep the pen balanced, it's tricky to balance because they are such thin bottles.

Here's how the brush looks:

And here's how the nail tip looks:

See how teeny the tip is? That's great! It's smaller than my smallest dotting tool, and I think its size will be ideal for beginners. Whereas a normal striper brush or detail brush requires a steady hand and an unusual grip, these tools are thicker and easier to use, especially for beginners.

The nail tip does have a tendency to clog up, which Nail Candy has thought through very nicely. Attached to each tip (both colors on each pen), they've taped a tiny metal needle that you can use to unclog the tip should it get too stuck up.

I found that as new bottles, the polish was trying to get out before I could squeeze the little plastic bottle to get the polish out. I imagine this is because the bottles were still new, so I just made sure to squeeze a little drop off onto a paper towel first. You don't want to get globs of polish on the tip, as that'll mess up your designs.

The consistency of the polishes were all surprisingly nice! I've heard bad things about nail art pens such as these, where the polishes are just cheap and runny. These were great consistencies and that was pleasantly surprising.

The colors I'm showing didn't have names, but they all came in the set called Love Letter.

This creamy pink was a lovely shade! I used two and a half coats. (I say half because the last was very intentionally thin just to cover up a bald spot or two I'd left behind.)


This neon pink has a little bit of blue shimmer in it, and I liked it a lot. This was three coats.

The red is so rich and lovely. I almost want to call it a jelly, and it's so perfect for Valentine's Day. That's three coats.

Finally this is the white color. This was probably the best color for me. Though it had a tendency to get a little streaky due to its shimmer, it was still beautiful. I only needed two coats for this.

I really like these pens, and I highly recommend them if you're trying to get into nail art, but aren't quite comfortable with striping brushes.

Nail Candy sets are all available through their website here. They've got lots of colors, as well as a bling set using some 3D rhinestones! This would be a great gift to bring up for a clueless start a Valentine's Day list! I hope to try some other colors at some point, and I hope you try some too.

These products were sent to me by Nail Candy. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. Oh, this is amazing!
    I have a white, a black and a silver ones by Claire's, but those are liner brushes and have the same kind of pen! It's nice to see other brands are investing on it as well... it's very practical!
    You hearts are amazingly cute!

  2. This seems to be a very smart product! I like the heart design!

  3. Gorgeous! Pinning this!
    ♥, Londa

  4. It's so pretty! Are the polishes only available through the website?

    1. They have a store locator, which you can see here. It looks like it's only sold in the U.S. at this point in stores, and I'm not sure if they ship internationally.


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