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When I first started ordering nail polishes online, I was hesitant about the products I'd get and their quality. Then my sister recommended checking out There, I purchased my first set of nail colors.

Currently, they have a bunch of gel colors, China Glaze, and every color striper from It's So Easy. I decided to a China Glaze color called Mahogany Magic with a pink striper they sent me for a simple design that reminds me of cupcakes for some reason.

You can get China Glaze colors from the latest collections including Tranzitions and the Cirque Du Soleil collections, and the polishes won't cost you as much as you'd find in your typical beauty store. China Glaze actually runs at about $3.50 a bottle, and the It's So Easy nail art stripers are $3.

The stripers give a lot of coverage. They're quite opaque, and a little chalky to be extra opaque, so getting good detail is easy. It does dry quite strong though, in the sense that it's tough to clean up mistakes, even with as light a color as I used.

If you've been dying to get your hands on a China Glaze color but can't muster up the money it costs to buy them in stores, check out I'll be sure to add this to my Where to Shop page so you can access it later when you're out shopping for polishes!

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