Tadashi Shoji Nail Art Competition

If you've been reading about my shenanigans on Twitter, you may have heard some excitement over New York Fashion Week, and the designer, Tadashi Shoji.

In August, Jenny from the Tadashi Shoji Studio got a hold of little ole' me, as well as several other renowned nail art bloggers and offered me the chance to participate in a nail art challenge. The theme the contestants were all given was simple: the Tadashi Shoji Spring Summer 2013 Collection, A Modern Silk Road.

After watching the show and ruminating on the patterns and colors, I finally came up with a design I'm thrilled to share with you today.

The nail art competition is live now, on the Tadashi Shoji Facebook page. There, you can vote for entries by Liking the page.

You can vote once a day for the duration of the contest. Check out my design, as well as the other unbelievable submissions.

The winning design will serve as inspiration for a limited-edition clutch to be sold exclusively in Tadashi Shoji retail stores.  Can you believe it? I still can't.

Along with a care package that included some beautiful swatches and sketches, we were given a link to watch the show, which debuted at NY Fashion Week on September 6. Click here to watch the show yourself.

Admittedly, I haven't ever been a follower of Fashion Week. A lot of it is hard to relate to. I know it's not all meant to be ready-to-wear, but some of it is downright confusing.

The Spring Summer 2013 Collection was a refreshing surprise from these perplexing looks however.

I loved the colors and patterns. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the first dresses come out. The colors were not just bright, but vibrant, and the mixture of colors and textures was divine. There wasn't a single piece I didn't like something about. I loved the way the sheer fabrics revealed the nude below and the floral designs set in such structured lines.

Here's some of the pieces of inspirational material Jenny sent along.

Here are the colors I used for each pattern, which was patiently painted freehand with a sole striping brush:
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI)
  • Sand Tropez (Essie)
  • Life Preserver (China Glaze)
  • Dutch Tulips (OPI)
  • Limelight (Ulta)
  • Four Leaf Clover (China Glaze)
  • Caribbean (Savina)
  • Secret Peri-Wink-Le (China Glaze)
So go check out the Tadashi Shoji Facebook page to see my designs. You will probably recognize the fingers of some fellow bloggers, and maybe find some new ones! Don't forget, you can vote once a day for the duration of the contest, so bookmark the page now!


  1. Wow! I am completely blown away! You constantly amaze me with you skills! :)

  2. This is absolutely AMAZING! Great work. Voting for you now ;]

  3. :O Could your manis be any more phenomenal?

  4. These are simply beautiful! I will be voting for you! Stunning!

  5. Seriously blown away... My jaw went all the way down when I saw your nails! You amaze each and every time I came over here!
    Votes for you! ;-)

  6. Stunning colour combination! Your printing is so clean and crisp, I like it!

  7. My jaw just totally dropped. These are perfection!

  8. I love this style.. Do you think these designs would look nice on someone with really long natural nails?


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