Polished Pumpkin Stem

Who doesn't like Halloween? While the candy always has its allure, the real fun of Halloween is the costumes.

Growing up, I remember pictures of myself in a pumpkin costume, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and even The Headless Horseman. Then I got to high school, where the cuter the costume, the better it was. I think I wore a bright blue wig and a skimpy t-shirt once because I thought it looked cool. (I guess now I could've just said I was Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj.) Then college came, and "cute" became sexy, and all creativity really seemed to give way to ease.

Fast forward to last year, where I actually made an impromptu Yoshi costume. The costume didn't get nearly enough wear, not even being completed until a few hours before we went out downtown to see what everyone else had come up with. I was so excited to wear it, it just took so much more time than I had thought it would, so I really think I need to wear it again this year. That means no crafting, no artwork.

It only seems fair to get that creativity out elsewhere. The nails.

So, buckle up for an onslaught of Halloween manicures, interspersed I'm sure with a few non-Halloween themed designs.

Here's the first, done with a base of Arizona (Zoya) and a stem of Jade is the New Black (OPI).


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