Fancy Phone Pattern

Remember my iPhone case tribute? It's one of my most popular images, with over 15,000 reblogs on Tumblr. That's pretty unheard of, but I loved that simple manicure.

About six months later, it was time for a new case. I decided to buy this case because I loved the patterns and the colors. Of course, when it arrived, my mind went to which polishes I owned that could be used to recreate the pattern on my nails. I used a few colors:
  • Twiggie (Color Club)
  • Light Green (Love & Beauty) 
  • Something Sweet (China Glaze)
  • Bubble Gum (Savina)
  • Soul Mate (Sinful Colors)

I really love the way the pattern turned out. And the colors...not so appropriate for fall, but lovely nonetheless. 


  1. very lovely indeed - and your freehand is amazing!

  2. Awesome. Really really pretty!

  3. Wow well done! Looks great, I love the case too :3

  4. I love the colors! And your freehand! Where did you get your case, btw? I'll be getting my first iPhone in December and that one is really cute!

  5. Love this case, and you nails are fabtastic!
    Love them!

  6. These are so pretty!!! I love how it matches the case :)

  7. Amazing, it looks exactly like the case, love the colors! Great inspiration!

  8. Oh my gosh! Love it - this is so pretty. Beautiful freehand work!

  9. What is the link to your older iPhone mani?

    1. Sorry about that, totally forgot to add the URL. Here it is. (I've edited the post now too to reflect the URL. Thanks for pointing that out!)

  10. This is lovely!! Love the colors and how delicate it looks! And you have such pretty iPhone cases! :)

  11. Very nice work, I really love how you took inspiration from your everyday items! By the way, I wanted to send you the link to the Sharpie pen, since you were wondering if they made anything with a finer point in your last phone post:
    Who knows, it may help you out with executing further designs :)

  12. I can't even express how much I love's GORGEOUS! Great work =]!


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