Showing Love for w7 Polish

You may remember my Showing Love for Color Club post, and the tiny hearts I used to add accent.

Well those hearts are loved not only be pinners and rebloggers, but also me! I couldn't stay away from those tiny hearts. They're the perfect embellishment to show off a beautiful polish.

That beautiful polish? Salt n Pepper from w7.

I was lucky enough to swap some polishes with Maria from Maria's Nail Art and Polish Blog. She's hails from Denmark where w7 polishes aren't as difficult to get. When she saw a polish I used that's not available in Denmark, she sent me an email interested in swapping. She sent me Salt n Pepper and two other gorgeous w7 polishes.

I can't believe how much I love this polish. It's so opaque but there's matte black glitter that comes through perfectly. How is that possible? What magic have these w7 wizards worked?


  1. Awww, I love what you did to it, looks super cute with the little harts on it!!

  2. I wish this one was available here! It's gorgeous. There's two others that are similar to this one and I love them both based off the swatches I've seen.

  3. I love w7! I have salt n pepper, it reminds me of milk and cookies. And who doesn't like milk and cookies..?!

  4. Awww those little hearts are soo cute :)

  5. This is so cute! Love the hearts & salt and pepper.


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