Dutch Stripper

You'll never guess what this manicure was inspired by. Never.

No, not candy canes.

No, not blood.

A milk carton. This milk carton.

Cool huh?

And the name comes from the polish I used (Dutch Tulips from OPI) and the strips of polish. Mix that with My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and a Dutch stripper is born.


  1. I love weird inspirations!!! Great idea)))

  2. love the inspiration item! graphic designs are always so eye catching! love the manicure too, I like that you used red colour for the stripes instead of black :)

  3. Love where you got the inspiration! This looks so clean! :D

  4. Milk is not only good for your body but for your inspiration to :) I think this looks great. Simple but classy!

  5. If only the milk cartons we bought in stores were so funky!

  6. HA! That's too funny! Awesome Mani!

  7. Dutch strippers always get attention!

    I love this.


  8. I love this! I might have to do a mani similar to it.. it's just so simple and eye catching!


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