A Rhyming Dictionary Polish Sneak Peek

Tomorrow brings glitter! Glitter Friday if you will. I think that should be something on the official calendars. Glitter Fridays.

Tomorrow's swatches will be coming to you from A Rhyming Dictionary. Go check it out now, but wait till you see the colors I have for you tomorrow.

For today, I'll show you one with some nail art. This is Hip-Hopper.

 Come back tomorrow for more!


  1. I'm all for glitter Friday's being official! Not that I need an excuse to try to work it in to all of my manicures!

  2. This is soooo cute!
    I wish I had the time to do my nails everyday... I have so many ideas!
    Love glitter as well! ;-)

  3. I love it!!! The designs are so cute!! :)

  4. This is just great! :) love everything about it.

  5. Adorable mani! I can't wait to see the Rhyming Dictionary polishes!

  6. adorei os corações !!!
    Ficou linda, parabéns :)



  7. This design is simple but so cute.


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