Encounter Exotic Stripes

I've got some spiffy nail art tonight, using two colors from the China Glaze On Safari collection.

I used two colors I was really excited about when press releases first popped up on blogs last year, Desert Sun and Exotic Encounters. They definitely belong in the same collection, so I thought they probably belonged in the same nail art piece. The uneven stripes were drawn freehand with Black (Color Madric).

Unfortunately, my top coat is getting a little thick so I dented a few spots as I was setting up my camera and lights. Lesson learned there: get everything out that you will need beforehand! I hadn't even thought that I'd need to do camera set ups first, but it makes sense.


  1. oh i love this! the colour worked so well together! I'm usually not bothered about lines being not so even as I think slightly uneven lines makes each design on nails uniquely different. But then again, it all depends on the designs and what we have planned to achieve in our minds. I think overall your nails turned out fine and they are quite straight for freehand! :D

  2. These colors work so well together, one of the reasons this is such an excellent fall collection! I love how you put the design up at the cuticle area instead of at the tips, very pretty.

  3. I love this :)
    Im a new subscriber :)

  4. I love these colours together and the placement of the stripes is really cool <3

  5. The stripes are awesome! The color combo and stripes make a gorgeous design!:)

  6. I like it, it's really an amazing design and combination of colours! :-)


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