Class of Sation Limited II Collection

Remember the teaser class photo I showed you the other day? Well today's the day we get to see the graduates out of their caps and gowns, and out in the real world...on real nails! Try not to cry Mom and Dad, the kids are all grown up!

First up in this tearful reunion is Pyramid Princess. She's the glammed up gal on top of the class, clearly sucking up to all professors and maybe doing some less-than-honorable black mailing to ensure her valedictorian slot. Her life's probably busier than most, so sometimes, her appearance is a little scattered. She's got a little bit of glitter of all sizes, all colors, and all levels opacity. She worked so hard to boost her extracurriculars, all for this crowning achievement.

Pyramid Princess over I Vant to be A-Lone Star (OPI)

Hanging out below her is the far-left, a little awkward Most Hue-Nique. It's always a little hard to talk to Most Hue-Nique. He can't figure out where he belongs, but for the class photo, he decided to go with the bright group, one of which made it to this blog crowd. It's not his fault though. He has trouble concentrating, but he's just so handsome that he's loveable. that awkward way.

Most Hue-Nique over Light Mist (Savina)

One of Most Hue-Nique's newest friends is a cool kid who's made a name for herself, and is lovably known as Skater Dater. She's been channeling Avril Lavigne and it's worked for her. It helps that she's got such a bright personality.

Skater Dater

It's hard to compete with this next lady. Track Scarlet has everything going for her. She's got beautiful, golden hair and perfect proportions...of glitter. There's hardly any competing with her holographic hotness and gorgeous golden glow.

Track Starlet over Did You Ear About Van Gogh? (OPI)

Not to be out-shined, Miss Bling It On is constantly vowing for the top-slot in this class's hotness. She decided to use silver as her outlet to reach stardom and it's working, but her palette only works with some colors. She'll have to be careful as she ages.

Miss Bling It On over White On (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear)

Finally, there's Class Clown. Guess which one that is in the photo? This goofball is tolerable by only a few. His humor is a little off color, so not everyone can just have him around. I personally love him. He literally made me LOL (as you can see below).

Class Clown over Twiggie (Color Club)

Ok, let's talk about these polishes. The colors are great. I love them all. However, I am not a fan of the consistency. They're all really thick (including the non-glitter, Skater Dater). If you don't have a quick-dry topcoat for these, they'll be dented in no time because they're so thick. I don't know if nail polish thinner will work for these. The one with the thinnest, most workable consistency is Track Starlet. That one's also my favorite.

One thing I loved about the collection, regardless of the consistency issues, was that this large nail polish company has embraced what's popular in the nail polish world - glitter mixes. You can really see it in the glitters I've shown you here.

You can grab these and the other Sation polishes from the Class of Sation collection at Miss's website.

These products were sent to me by Miss Professional Nail. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I love this post! So cute and fun to read :D The glitters look awesome and I really like Skater Dater.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. I NEED to have all of these! They are gorgeous!

  3. Pretty but for me these days formula is everything! I just can't get behind super thick gloopy polishes they get on my nerves. That said skater dater and track scarlet are beautiful!

  4. I want the glitters, they just seem so unique.

  5. every polish looks like it was made for you!!

  6. your nail art on the last one is adorable!


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