Wedding for the Weekend

I apologize for not posting yesterday. There's been a huge swarm of events engulfing my life recently, and I just didn't have the time to post.

I did however create two manicures, which you'll get to enjoy today. One was on my own nails, while the other was for a newly married friend, Barbara. This weekend I painted her nails for the gorgeous and perfect wedding to her new husband Ron. I offered to help set up the wedding when some important family matters came up with their original wedding planner and my good friend Chloe. So with wedding beauty and planning came little time for posts.

I had to rush to do my nails the morning before preparation began, so I chose a simple manicure with a new color to my collection, Dutch Tulips (OPI). On a side note, I made an unbelievable discovery on Friday when we stumbled upon a nail supply store in Denver called Mile High Nail Supply. With a patient boyfriend in tow, I quickly bought up seven new OPI shades, all for $3.75 each. If you're reading Nailed It on Instagram, you've already seen my excitement in the form of this framed up pic:

Dutch Tulips is the non-metallic red, though it actually is a bit more pink in life. It's stunning. I can't stand it.

So with little time, I slapped on two coats of that and then added some dainty little dots.

Barbara had her own idea for a manicure after she saw Mixed Mama's Valentine's Day manicure on Pinterest. We got together about a week beforehand to discuss the polish choices and the details of what I'd be doing on the day of the wedding, and she chose Pink Imagination (Finger Paints) as the base for her heart manicure.

Appropriately, she wanted the heart on her left hand's ring finger. It turned out beautifully, and the wedding even more so. After vows, rings and kisses were exchanged, the fun began and we danced and laughed all night. Those two are going to have a wonderful life together! Congratulations to the happy newly weds!

As an added bonus, here's a picture of Barbara with her beauty team: Anne and I. Anne worked tirelessly all day to not only do the bride's hair (which you can see is amazing), but also her bridesmaids.


  1. Love the manis :) I love Barbara's pick on the nail design!

  2. Both Manis look AMAZING and you all look beautiful! Congrats to the newly weds!

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  4. Love both manis, Barbara's nail design is just adorable :)

  5. Love the red. I wish Mile High had an on-line store!!!!

  6. The manicure that you made to the bride is sooo sweet and yours is simple but perfect!

  7. When I had acrylic nails, Dutch Tulips was my favorite color, I bet I had it on my nails 40% of the time! Love it!!


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