Glitter and Nail Art: Day 6

Dummy! Who does a holographic nail art design but doesn't take pictures until it's too dark!?

Sorry Mercury Twilight, I didn't do you any justice in these shots.

In lieu of the amazing shots of this polish I'm sure I'll be able to grab and update with tomorrow, here is a sunny picture of my last manicure with my favorite flower, the pansy.

I apologize for the small post, but I'm heading out the door and I don't have much time after the hike that brought that pretty flower out.

You'll notice there isn't much to the nail art today. Well, again, not much time. The polish I used is another F4 Polish polish called Stormy Night. I should've worn it two nights ago, when it really was stormy.

I'll get better pictures of the holographic and glitter mix tomorrow when (and if) there's sun. Have an awesome night!

Edit: Here is an updated sun picture. THERE'S THAT HOLOGRAPHIC!


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