Born Pretty M71 Plate Review

Tonight I'm doing a review for you! Are you excited? You should be, it's good stuff.

Born Pretty has tons of amazing nail products, as most of you have seen and probably partaken in. One of these products is their stamping plates, which is what I'm reviewing today. In particular, I'm taking a look at plate M71.

The plate consists entirely of small images not meant to cover your whole nail. Perhaps the most famous and well-known design on the plate is the Hello Kitty head. You've seen it before though, so I decided to use a different design (more on that later).

The designs on the plate are all quite cute, and they design I tried is cut at just the right depth. Picking up the design was not an issue, and it transferred beautifully (taking user error out of the picture).

The plate is slightly larger than Konad plates, and is obviously a different shape. There is no backing on the plate, but it's never bothered me. Here's what I'm sad about, which probably won't affect anyone else. The larger size doesn't fit into my little round container where I conveniently keep all my plates. :( Sad.

In addition to the plate, they sent me a scraper and stamper.


The scraper measures and acts exactly as the Konad scrapers.

They're both metal, both easy to handle, but unfortunately, they both scrape the plates to death. I still recommend cutting up an old gift card and using that to scrape your plates.

The stamper's rubber piece used to pick up the design is the same size as both the original Konad stamper, and the extra large stamper, as you can see here.

The length of the tool itself is much shorter than the other stampers though.

At first I thought I'd hate the size, but it's actually nice to work with. You can kind of cup it in your free hand's fingers, and it maneuvers well. I don't like the texture of the rubber. It doesn't provide as much give when you're pressing it down on the surface of the plate, so if you've got polish you're stamping with that's a bit less thick in consistency, you won't have as easy as a time picking it up. I ran into this problem with the first polish I tried as stamping polish, and eventually wound up switching to the Konad stamper.

Like I mentioned earlier, the design transfers quite well with the right polish. I used Black on Black (Sinful Colors) for my design.

The base is Carey (Zoya) and the yellow dots are Happy Go Lucky (China Glaze).

Overall, I would recommend buying the plates. They go for about $4.00, and even if you only grab one, you won't have to pay for shipping. What's even better? You can use the coupon code given to those readers of my blog: C10X31 for an additional 10% off. 

Oh the good things just keep on coming!

The Born Pretty products shown in this post were sent to me for review by the company.


  1. I've never heard of Born Pretty. Interested now, though! I love the design you did -- colors and everything. :)

  2. I've also never heard of the company! Definitely going to check it out tonight and see if I can use that discount! I love that nail design by the way, doesn't even look like it was a stamp! My biggest problem with stamps is that they always look so light.

    1. I just went to purchase this stamping kit and found out you can only pay using paypal which I don't have :(

    2. i also didn't have a paypal. i actually set one up just to shop at born pretty. lol. i thought you had to have a bank account (i don't) but i guess not, all i have is one of those prepaid green dot visa cards and i was able to use that.

  3. Beautiful Mani!! i like how you added the dots around the stamp, i always feel like the small images look weird floating in the middle somewhere but that really ties it all together nicely <3 and I love born pretty's stuff! i noticed some of the finer lined images give me a hard time sometimes but for the most part they work really well. and i love that they're cheaper versions of konad. :)

  4. Awesome review! Aw it's sad that the plate it bigger...It probably wouldn't fit where I store my konad plates either...I do like the designs on that plate though! Your mani turned out great! I love the added Happy Go Lucky :)

  5. Great review, and great stamping! I love the dots details you aded :)

  6. i have the middle one! great review hun

  7. Awesome! I've picked up a few plates from Born Pretty.. and I'll probably pick up another with the coupon code haha. thanks!

  8. I absolutely love the way it came out with the dots you added around the flowers!

  9. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how you dotted around this floral image. I have been eyeing it not quite sure how to use it. The colors you chose and the dots are awesome! I may be trying this look with full credit to your idea! LOVELY!


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