Absolutely Floral

Ever since Kayla announced that she was doing a nail art contest with a floral theme, I've been trying to decide what type of design to do. Do I want pastel colors? Muted colors? Neons? My inspiration came from an unused make up carrier sitting on the bottom shelf of our closet. I walk by it every day, but it took slamming my toe into it earlier tonight to strike the right chord. No lightbulbs came on, but the throbbing pain in my pinky toe was enough to knock some sense into me and mimic the damn design. Stupid sharp pointy box. You'll see a peak of that behind my nails.

I won't even bother with the colors for this manicure as they're quite extensive and nothing out of the ordinary. Everything is done with nail polish though, no acrylic paints for this one. The sparkle background you may find interesting though. That's Chunky Holo Purple (Kleancolor), though I really could've used any of the Chunky Holos since they all appear exactly the same over black.

Cross your fingers this enough to win me the prize over at Nails by Kayla Shevonne. (I won't be begging for your votes for this one, it's judged by Kayla and her crew of judges.)


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