Not much can be said about tonight's manicure...except it's fat and fully of color! (I will be fat and full of corned beef soon...if this slow cooker thing wasn't so slow.)

Another patient dotting manicure done with lots of colors. I gave a little teaser out to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr (though the Tumblr tease didn't seem to go through) with Instagram (my name's kehteh on there if you're interested in following my grams).

Like I said...lots of color! Most of them are China Glaze, but Zoya and Savina were both used as well. The base is Secret Peri-Wink-le (China Glaze). Moving from the pink to the purple, here are the rest of the colors:
  • Pool Party (China Glaze)
  • Papaya Punch (China Glaze)
  • Happy Go Lucky (China Glaze)
  • Kiwi Cool-Ada (China Glaze)
  • Light Mist (Savina)
  • Breezi (Zoya)
  • Dream (Savina)
I seem to be using the same colors for my manicures, but it's just so hard for me to pull away from bright, bold creme polishes. That's why I love the Up & Away China Glaze collection so much. 


  1. I like this mani. Very colorful and spring like. Perfect!

  2. This is so awesome. I saw it on instagram first lol. Ahh! I love the colors. It just looks so pretty!

  3. Awesome. It's just so pleasing to the eye.

    Incidently the 'preview' did show up on tumblr but after the mani posted.

  4. Mas que eu gostei muito.
    Vou fazer qualquer dia desses.



  5. Lovely! I tried something similar on a white base yesterday - praise the lord for dots, simple and beautifully effective x

  6. Very beautiful! I love that you did this on a coloured base instead of a neutral one. :)

  7. super cute!!!
    I did the rainbow too, if you wanna check mi blog :P

  8. omggggg! I LOVE THIS A LOT <3 pretty colours~

  9. This is freakin awesome! you do realize I HATE the word verification right??? Do you keep it to mock me? HAHAHAH!

  10. This is soooooooo pretty!!!!!!
    perfect for summer!!


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