Nude on Black

If I were to rate this manicure on a patience level from one to ten, ten being the highest amount of patience, it'd score a ten...easily. The results speak for themselves though and I'm happy to say I like the gradient results I scored!

Getting a good gradient is hard, and this one isn't nearly as nice as some I've seen. You have to get the edges, blend it well, and get a good effect. If you screw up, it's kind of hard to fix it. You just have to keep blending, little by little. Again, mine isn't perfect, but I'm mostly happy with it.

Another piece of patience crucial to the success of this manicure is the taping. Luckily, I didn't need to cut strips of tape to be the correct width. I ordered some 1/16" striping tape, originally designed for use in model cars or trains. There's 36 feet of the stuff too, so I didn't feel bad about using extra to run the length of my nails. (It's one of the instances I'm glad I have shorter nails though.)

The base (which I teased some Instagram followers with earlier) is Black on Black (Sinful Colors), and the gradient neutral color is Nomadic Nude (Color Club). Both are super cheap polishes, but both are beyond lovely and deserve their own solo debuts. I adore them paired with one another as well though. The colors remind me of Nugget's colors a bit actually.

As vicious as this looks, Nugget's as gentle as cats come.


  1. Beautiful gradient mani! Aww Nugget is adorable...

  2. Job well done! And look at Nugget's beautiful blue eyes! Gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous gradient! And I love the idea of striping tape and gradient...

  4. gorgeous gradient! Absolutely love the colour combination

  5. It's like looking through a window in a prison cell when there's a big thunderstorm coming on outside. That is so, so cool. And really well done. (:

  6. Cool mani! Your cat is adorable!

  7. I just found your blog and was flicking through your older posts when I came across this.. I just HAD to comment to say that Nugget is SO CUTE! I love her awkward feet and angry (but beautifully blue) eyes! Her pink nose is adorable too awwww I love cats! She looks so soft!
    As for the mani, I totally would have done the base pale and added the black, I like that you did it the other way around! I agree with the previous comment that it looks like a prison window! xx

    1. Aw thank you! Yesterday her awkward feet got more awkward. She got stung by something in the yard and her little paw swelled up to a pretty comical size. She was fine though don't worry!


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