Modern Leprechaun

Without even thinking about what tomorrow is, I made today's manicure St. Patrick's Day appropriate! I'd been thinking about the combination of these two polishes for a while, originally hoping to make a reverse gradient using the colors. When I finally got around to painting my nails last night though, I realized how much thinner Set the Stage (Sally Hansen) was in its glitter formula. It wouldn't have worked nearly as well as Crown Me Already did for my mermaid nails. (I think that post is actually my most popular.)

I didn't feel much like creating a huge, gloppy blob of glitter near the base of my nails, trying to reach the correct consistency, so I decided to paint the whole nail with the gold. It's done over Essie's Sew Psyched. I have a teeny weeny little sample bottle of that, and it's just about the cutest size I've ever owned. Unfortunately, after about 2 manicures with it, it's half empty. In the literal way, not the pessimistic way.

When I was putting the polish away, I noticed Glitter in my Stocking in the same drawer, and kind of kicked myself for not using that for the gold gradient. It has more reds than I'd like to go with the green of Sew Psyched, but it still may have been pretty cool. Next time!


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