Darker Valentine

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and today will probably be the last of my mini series of Valentine's Day manicures. Andy and I have plans to make some homemade ravioli (with spinach, ricotta, and Italian sausage inside) which probably won't leave much time for my hands to be painted. Toxic nail polish in delicious homemade food doesn't sound too appetizing.

Today I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Snap as the base. Holy cow is that color sexy. It's such a deep, dark, almost bronzed red. Definitely a one-coater, and a hell of a job to clean up in the cuticle area. I then layered on some Chunky Holo Scarlet. Topping it all off is Synergy from L.A. Girl's Glitter Addict collection. I had plans to do some stamping, but I'm really pleased with all these glittering combinations lately.


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  2. Hello I am new to your blog and I am a novice at nail care and painting I would love to see a step by step on how and what you use to manicure your nails and what products you love. I have rough cuticles that I cant seem to manage no matter what i do. Also I would love to see what tools and brushes you like to use for nail art.

  3. This is lovely :D I hope you had a nice Valentine's day!

    1. Thanks! I had an awesome day actually. Our ravioli was delicious. I hope yours was good as well. :)


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