Collar-ful Argyle

It's a well known fact that dogs provide more than just companionship to their human counterparts, including a calming sensation and happiness when they're around. I bet you didn't know they also provide nail art inspiration?

She was staring at the treat Andy was holding above her head for me. Awesome pose!

Riley is our dog, and her collar was my inspiration for this argyle print. I used Steady as She Rose (OPI) for the base, and Time Off and Bad Chick for the pattern.

Riley's a mutt, we're not sure what she is. We're thinking she may be an Australian Kelpie mix, because that's really the only breed that fits her size and coloring. Originally, the humane society we adopted her from said she was a German Shepard mix of some sort, but weighing in at 35 lbs. now, there's no way she could be. We love her no matter what she is though!


  1. What a pretty dog! Mutts make the nicest pets. =)

    Your nails match her wonderfully. ;P

  2. This is so cute and classic. And your puppy is adorable!

  3. Such a great inspiration for a mani! Looks great! Aww Riley is a cutey!

  4. This mani is so awesome! I'm more a,cat person but your dog is so cute!

  5. what a cute dog! and i love argyle :)


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