Color Club Foiled Collection Swatches

Today's a little unusual for me. Today is just swatches of the Color Club Foiled collection, including a comparison of using the included top coat and not using the top coat with these colors.

You've probably seen it around on other blogs and in stores, so I won't drag out any descriptions. This post is for color comparison, and a bit of stamping testing. Enjoy!

Hot Like Lava

Foil Me Once



Perfect Mol-Ten

Cold Metal

This is Hot Like Lava, with and without a top coat. My pinky and middle finger have the included top coat, and the ring finger does not.

As you can see, not too much of a difference. These colors do fine without top coats, but for protection of the manicure, I recommend it.

Finally, here's Foiled stamped.

From thumb to pinky, using Konad plate m65:
  • Lumin-Icent on Black Creme (Wet n' Wild)
  • Hot Like Lava on Heavenly (Savina)
  • Cold Metal on Light Mist (Savina)
  • Perfect Mol-Ten on Neon Yellow (Savina)
  • Antiquated on Get in the Expresso Lane (OPI)


  1. These are GORG and work so well for stamping! I think I need these.

  2. Cold Metal is to die for! I want! Of course the other ones are great too. And I love your pictures!

  3. I LOVE these colours! They worked really well with stamping!

  4. I bought three of these for stamping and they are awesome for it!

  5. If you guys don't already have them, I'm holding a giveaway for them! Check that out here to enter!

  6. I wish my stamping turned out even 1/4 as good.

  7. You make me think I really need the pink one. I keep telling myself I don't need it. xD


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