Almost 200 already?

I posted about my giveaway less than two weeks ago, and I've already gained a followship of almost 100% more?

I'm stunned! Thrilled! Full of jubilation and glee!

But does this mean I have to add another giveaway? Maybe I'll wait until 250 for that, just so I don't spoil you all rotten with freebies. I'd poll everyone, but something tells me the vote will be skewed dramatically in one direction.

We'll see though...


  1. Congratulations! You are almost reaching 200 followers. Yes, we'll vote in favor of another giveaway hehehe ;)

  2. Coming from a bloggers point of view, I'm in favor of random giveaways. Or do them for reasons other than the number of followers you have (ie page views or a special occasion.)

  3. YAY, congrats! That's super exciting.


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