Slimming Black

You're recovering from your Thanksgiving gluttony...what dress or blouse do you reach for? Your black one. My favorite slimming black blouse is this Converse 3/4 length button-up.

It works wonders for the middle!

For my nails, I felt like elongating them with a little optical trickery. To do that, I reached for Time Off (the Sinful Colors nail art brush), Flyin' High (China Glaze), and I Lily Love You (OPI).  I quite like the effect.

Flyin' High was deepened and tinted purple with I Lily Love You. Made it a much more muted sky blue than the bottle appears sans-effects.

Like the non-dominant hand striping skills? How about the new stamp for my photos?


  1. Beautiful! I love the sparkling blue!

  2. Is that pink puke?? OMG I am such a problem child arent' I????

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