Shame on You Julep

This morning, my sister told me about a blogger faux pas, made by a company I'm sure many of you have heard of, Julep. I had already had my doubts about this company, because in my opinion, their "deals" seem like rip offs, and I'm not wowed by many of their colors. I feel I can get the same colors they have from companies I trust like OPI and China Glaze.

So last night, they made the fatal error of taking work from one of the most well-known nail bloggers, Erika at Chloe's Nails, removing her watermark, and placing her photo on their Facebook page, sans any credit. Girls went nuts and furiously commented about what Julep had done. Julep played it off by not only removing their edited photo and saying nothing happened, but also re-uploading the original photo (with watermark) by Erika, unapologetically saying they didn't mean to remove her watermark and not give her credit. Hm...odd.

I wasn't aware of all of this until after the incident, and after the photos had been replaced. Luckily, Katie at Paws to Polish snapped some screenshots and put them up for everyone to see.

This seedy behavior is unbelievable, especially from a well-known and constantly blogged about company. I'm not sure who was in charge of putting that post up, but they should be examined and repremanded. To think they could get away with putting such a well-known blogger, and honestly, well-known photo on their site without any credit is unheard of. It would be one thing if the polish used was Juleps, but it's not, as you can see in Erika's original post here. It's all OPI, if that weren't obvious enough by the bottle shot she used.

I haven't purchased Julep, but I don't think I will be from here on out.

As Katie said...shame on you, Julep!

Please feel free to link back to this post and spread the word about this misguided blogging.

Thank you to Katie for her informative post, and to my sister for the heads up! Show your support for Erika by leaving her a nice note. She's been going through some difficult times, but I'd love to show her how much we all care.


  1. that's crazy! no business for Julep from me!!!

  2. Wow... I never signed up because I felt their program was too much money for what you received and that their polishes weren't unique enough to me. But to hear a company doing this... makes me think twice about their character and ethics. My mind is made up for sure now; I won't be signing up or purchasing any of their products.

  3. I actually added my two sense to their blog post and commented on Trace Face about this since she touts how much she loves this company and how great they are. This is absolutely unforgivable

  4. No business for Julep from me too!!!!!Removing other people's watermark...!!???OMG!!??
    this is really unforgivable !!

  5. This is not the first time I've heard of Julep being shady. They're not getting my business, either! Ever.

  6. That was so horrible for Julep to do!! I'm glad that the bloggers caught it and got picks before they lied about the incident. Sheesh!!


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