Look what's coming...

After seeing this post from Samarium's Swatches, I knew I needed Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Black. A single bottle on Amazon was ridiculous, with the shipping exceeding the price of the damn bottle by more than 100%. So I checked eBay, which I haven't used in ages. I spotted this set, and knew I needed it. Sorry, no time to add it to the Christmas list...I needed it now!

Purchased from eBay seller 27kitten
The layering possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to try a bunch of different options out. 

Now if I could only get my hands on Clairvoyant!!


  1. I want that whooole set! :D Lol.

  2. I have the whole set - and love them!


  3. I'm not sure if you've purchased the Kleancolors yet, but beautyjoint.com has 'em for 1.75$ each. I'm not sure how much shipping is within the US, but I found that the shipping to Canada is very reasonable.

  4. @Helen Thank you for the tip Helen! I'll use that source next time. After shipping, these came out to be over $20, but it was an eBay auction, so I was willing to pay a little more for them. Next time though...

  5. Hello, I love your blog! I'm following hihihi
    Yesterday I won the Chunky Black Holo *-*
    He is there waiting to be used HAHA
    I'll sprinkle my nails with it now :D

    good weekend o/
    kisses, Débora.

  6. Wow!! This is a great set! I have some Kleancolor polishes too, but love to see swatches of these colors...♥

  7. :D I had a big fan girl moment just now! You were at my blog and totally know I exist!
    Somehow I just saw this now-almost a year later haha. Excited nonetheless!


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