Tealy Dan

You wanted more manicures using the new Red Angel plates...you got em'! Seriously, these patterns rock. They're the perfect depth for picking up the pattern easily. The annoying problem some plates present of not being able to pick up every line (especially the more narrow fine lines) has to be one of the most frustrating parts of stamping. You wind up spending a frustrating amount of time swiping, stamping, erasing and repeating yourself. I almost want to take a needle to those designs, scratch them out, and save myself the torture of ever trying that again.

Of the two designs I've used, this has not been an issue with Red Angel. I'm pretty thrilled about that.

Silver Sweep from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and The Real Teal from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear equally share the spotlight with Red Angels RA-112 plate. The other designs on that plate were hard to ignore. I guess I'll just have to do more designs.

If I'm not cooking, I'll probably be contemplating new designs today.


  1. Niceeee!! Love the colorcombo too!

    Show us more... :)

    Maybe you can take some pictures of the designs on the plates itself? (or am I being rude to ask that?)

  2. Such a pretty nail design! I ordered the plates too! Thanks for sharing those!

  3. I'm glad everyone seems to enjoy these as much as I do. I've added a page to the top of my blog with each plate clearly visible, including links back to the original posts featuring designs from those plates. Enjoy!

    Here's the link to the page (which is always accessible through the tabs at the top): http://blognailedit.blogspot.com/p/red-angel-plates.html


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