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I've just added a few more ways to follow feats into nail polish. Nailed It now has not only a Tumblr, but also a Twitter and Facebook Page. These links will always be provided to you in the sidebar of my blog.

My blog (Blogger) is my primary place of...well...blogging. All the text in the posts are accompanied on Blogger. The other outlets are more to share the images and reach out to those not on Blogger or Google. Feel free to join as many or as few as you see fit.

And just to leave you with some nail goodies, here's some shots of my China Glaze/Savina Helmer drawer. (Savina bottles and China Glaze bottles are almost identical, so they fit nice and snug together in one drawer.) This drawer is by far the biggest, and by far my favorite.

A little over-saturation for your viewing pleasure.

Nugget, the helper kitten.

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