Golden Glitz

Two posts in one day. I just couldn't wait to get these photos out for everyone to see. Plus, this manicure was so simple that I feel comfortable doing another one tomorrow, even though I'll be in a new house. I'll be house and dog sitting for a friend. I'm not sure how I'll manage to bring my polish with me, seeing as it's all stored in the famous Ikea Helmer. I do have my old container, but I hate leaving loved ones behind!

So tonight I'm thrilled with the stamping results. This is probably one of the cleanest attempts so far, and I'm not sure what to chalk it up to. Practice? The right amount of time allotted for drying? The depth of the stamp's (Konad plate m65) engraving? Actually, it could be that last one. Konad plates seem to be cut just slightly deeper than their Bundle Monster counterparts, which really does make a difference when it comes time to scrape. What are your thoughts?

The gold is Champagne Bubbles from the new China Glaze holiday collection. Sorry, I couldn't wait till the holidays to break that bottle open. (Though it seems like many stores and malls in the area can't wait either. Wreathes and baubles adorn plenty of signs here in Boulder already.) The black is trusty Black on Black from Sinful Colors.


  1. Such a beautiful manicure!

  2. It does make it easier with deeper etched plates, plus practice always helps! This is really great!


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