Gay Towel Boy

Here's my first world problem: I have too many polishes to choose from. I literally spend half an hour bouncing around ideas in my head about which manicure I want to wear that day. It's stressful.

I probably shouldn't keep adding to my collection, but I couldn't resist the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Scored that on Amazon. I probably won't even be wearing this happy manicure for more than 12 hours before I succumb to the pastel cremes from that collection. Yeah...first world problems.

So China Glaze aptly named the blue Towel Boy Toy. Picture if you will, a bronzed, buffed, and fab-u-lous towel boy, assisting his filthy rich housewife of a boss clean her edgeless pool and rub oily lotion on her back. What color speedo is he wearing? Like I said...aptly named.

I chose that fab-u-lous blue to try to match the glitter in Wet n' Wild's Party of Five Glitters. I've had that sitting in my drawers for a while, and decided it needed some love. So it got some man love. Or boy love.

Question: Would you guys like me to start taking pictures using the bottles of polish I use? Are the shots I'm taking working? Anything else you'd like to see? Swatches?


  1. Oooh all those beautiful opi Pirate of the caribbean bottles :Q___ i've got the same problem for choosing the colour/designs for my manies ;-) by the way: love the blue/colourful glitter combo and for the pictures: they look great, maybe if you want you can simply switch: one day with the bottle one day without!!

  2. @Cupcake Good call. I love your user picture by the way. Rainbow and China Glaze? Awesome.

  3. I love that phrase, first world problems! lol! I've never seen this China Glaze but I love the name. Sometimes I'll buy a polish just b/c I love the name.. another first world problem lol!

  4. @Emily It's so priceless. A google search of that phrase gives you the funniest memes too.


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