For those in Southern California...

If you're living, or have a relative living in Southern California, get ready. My big sister lives there and recently hit the polish jackpot. She cleverly Google, Binged and Yelped until she found a few stores selling some of our favorite polishes for dirt cheap. We're talking $2.50 for China Glaze and $5 for OPI.

I've updated my Where to Buy Polishes page with all the info, so take note, and bathe in the glory that is supply stores!


  1. FYI my friend put you on her blog post about these awesome plates you found! Just wanted you to know that she mentioned your blog and mine! I made sure she knew where I found them from!

  2. I got to know you through SarahLouise from Spellbinding nails. Nice blog and awesome photos.

  3. @Fingers I saw that! She let me know. That was sweet of you. I hope more girls get those plates now.


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