Fiery Fingers

Mmm glitter. After the massive photoset of glitz, how could I not use one? Nicole by OPI's Orna-Ment For Each Other was pretty high up on my list of need to trys, so I gave it what it deserved. Something sexy, sultry, and fiery. (Isn't it weird that fiery isn't spelled "firey"?) Time Off by Sinful Colors provided the perfect solution. Time Off is one of their small nail art brushes that I LOVE.

I've used the white, black and gold glitter versions of the brush and they're all marvelous. I do have two neon colors (pink and yellow), and they...well...they suck. The color isn't pigmented enough for striping, so it's pointless to use them. You'd have to use about 4 coats to get close to 100% opacity, but who wants to go over a tiny line 4 times? I highly recommend the black and white though. Their brushes rock.

I just free-handed the "flames" over the hot red glitter, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Like the fill of my text? It's actually the pattern from my nails.

Feelin' hot now?


  1. Oh wow! Such a great design and I am digging that polish!

  2. Yes! This polish is absolutely amazing. It's got gold glitter in it, which gives it that flare. (Get it?)


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