B&W Mini Self-Challenge: Day 2

Bundle Monster's BM11 plate has been calling to me since I first opened the package. I finally removed that layer of protective film and gave the plant life on it some breathing room. I have been trying to figure out how to make a gorgeous green combination for the foliage, but fell short. It was actually the house that I'm currently sitting in that showed me what I needed. Black is the new green in this case, and the leaves came to life on OPI's Skull and Glossbones (which is quickly becoming one of my favorites).

The contrast with Black on Black (Sinful Colors) almost matches my thumb ring.

In addition to my pride for this manicure, I'm also overjoyed with the purchases I made today, both for myself, and for you, my fellow bloggers. I scored at Ross, TJ Maxx and Michael's. I'm probably most excited for the future giveaways I now have planned. There are at least two I'm planning, but more likely three. I'd like more followers before I reveal them, but I promise you they're drool-worthy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hunker down in this great big house somewhere and seek shelter from the howling winds coming through the chimney.


  1. Thank you both! It was fun and easy! Cleanup was a little messy since only half the design was meant to be on the nail, but stamping cleanups are never as hard as base cleanups.

  2. Very pretty<33 I was just looking at that image plate the other day & I was thinking to myself "how could I possibly use this oddly sized leaf design?" lol I am glad you figured it out!! lol =)

  3. Oh wow! This is my style! Looks awesome!


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