Wicked Witches Digits

Ding dong the paint is on! I was going through my stamping plates and realized I had a witch I wanted to use. But I didn't want to reuse orange from last manicure's palette, so I went with green. But I've never seen five witches together, have you? Witches fly solo (except the Hocus Pocus girls). So I drew motivation from my personal favorite, The Wicked Witch, and her poor, poor sister. So here it is, the witch, her socks, and those ruby red slippers.

Click to expand.

For the feetie fingers, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White as the base. Then I taped off the top white portion of my nails and dabbed on a little Hey Sailor from China Glaze. Before I took off the tape, I put on some Mrs. Claus (also from China Glaze).  Finally I took off the tape, and SLOWLY striped on some Sinful Colors Time Off. If you're looking for a good way to get black stripes or small accents, I suggest buying this small Nail Art brush (I got mine at Rite Aid).

For the witch herself, I used some Lickety-Split Lime (from Insta-Dri) and then stamped the witch from my Bundle Monster #13 plate with Sinful Color's Black on Black.

This whole thing took me a few hours, but I love it.


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